ISSN (Print) 2278-2508
ISSN (Online) 2454-9673
Call For Papers Volume 9 Issue-2, Oct. 2019. Last Date for Paper Submission : Aug. 14, 2019

  Section A: Engineering Disciplines

  • 1. Conflict Resolution in LALR PARSER

    Author - Mukesh Kumar Gupta , S. R. Dogiwal , Anjali Kedawat     Download Full Paper
    Pages: 1-7
  • 2. Spam - A Serious Problem

    Author - Pankaj Dadheech, Mahender Kumar Beniwal, Manoj Kumar Nama      Download Full Paper
    Pages: 8-11
  • 3. Modified MAC with AODV Routing Protocol for MANET Based on IEEE 802.11

    Author - Abhay Kumar Jain     Download Full Paper
    Pages: 12-15
  • 4. J2EE Model of Mail Server : Quick Mail

    Author - Pankaj Dadheech, Manoj Kumar Nama, Harshita Bhargava, Harsha Agarwal, Kushagra Thapar      Download Full Paper
    Pages: 16-18
  • 5. A New Variant of Digital Signature Algorithm

    Author - Neha Sharma and Mahendra Beniwal      Download Full Paper
    Pages: 19-21
  • 6. An Oracle Simulator : A Case Study

    Author - Pankaj Dadheech, Manoj Kumar Nama, Latika Wadhwani, Gaurav Sidana, Apoorva Sharma     Download Full Paper
    Pages: 22-27
  • 7. Retrospective Synopsis of Blind SQL Injection Attack

    Author - Saurabh Ranjan Srivastava, Pulkit Goyal      Download Full Paper
    Pages: 28-30
  • 8. Short Circuit Capacity Calculation of Multiphase Distribution system having a Renewable Distributed Generation Source

    Author - Smriti Jain, S.L.Surana     Download Full Paper
    Pages: 31-34
  • 9. Improved Performance of a Power Transmission Network Using a STATCOM

    Author - Ravi Kumar Hada, Ramesh Kumar Pachar     Download Full Paper
    Pages: 35-41
  • 10. Hybrid Power Plant Control using PIC 16F73

    Author - Jyoti Singh, Ajit Singh Bhadala, Devkinandan Nagar, Keshav Sharma      Download Full Paper
    Pages: 42-46
  • 11. Power Distribution System Monitoring and Control using GSM Modem

    Author - Avinash Kumar, Dharmendra Sharma, Gaurav Agrawal, Lokesh Gupta, Bharat Modi     Download Full Paper
    Pages: 47-53
  • 12. MATLAB Based Thyristor Controlled DC Power Supply

    Author - Prateek Bhardwaj, Prateek Saini, Priya Mittal, Saitu Goyal, Anshul Garg, Sarfaraz Nawaz     Download Full Paper
    Pages: 54-59
  • 13. Facts Devices Controller in Power Transmission System Improvement and its Benefits

    Author - Avadhesh Kumar Sharma     Download Full Paper
    Pages: 60-64
  • 14. Minimization of Propagation Losses in Photonic Crystal Waveguide

    Author - Praveen Gupta, Priyank Jain, Rubina Get, Sangeeta Yadav, Seema Jain, Shikha Gandhi, Rukhsar Zafar     Download Full Paper
    Pages: 65-66
  • 15. A Simple Design of Microstrip Patch Antenna and Its Comparative Analysis

    Author - Isha Grover, Kapil Jain, Niharika Gupta,Nikita Gupta, Niriksha Garg, Nitin Tayal, A.S.Gour, Mukesh Arora     Download Full Paper
    Pages: 67-69
  • 16. A Novel Design of UWB Antenna with Two Monopoles and a Strip Bar for Band Notch Function

    Author - Abhishek Sharma, Ankita Choudhary, Anubha Jain, Anubha Pareek, Bhavya Agarwal, Deepesh Mundra, A.S.Gour     Download Full Paper
    Pages: 70-72
  • 17. Ultra Wide Band Antenna Using Rectangular Ring Structure With Parasitic Strip

    Author - A.S.Gour, Dhirendra Mathur     Download Full Paper
    Pages: 73-75
  • 18. Wireless Transmitter/Receiver Machine for Electronic Voting

    Author - Gupta, Ankur Garg, Anirudh Chaudhary, Vinod Kataria     Download Full Paper
    Pages: 76-77
  • 19. Designing of Compact Monopole Antenna with Strip Bar protruded inside the Rectangular Annular Ring Used for UWB Application having Band-Notch Characteristic

    Author - Gayatri Baghel, Deepika Agarwal, Kishore Kumar, Mayank Mittal, Navnish Kumar, A.S.Gour     Download Full Paper
    Pages: 78-79
  • 20. Effect of Hole Size on Dispersion of Photonic Crystal Fiber

    Author - Shweta Saboo,C. P. Gupta     Download Full Paper
    Pages: 80-83
  • 21. Implementation and Design of Adaptive LMS Filter using FPGA

    Author - Virendra Swami, C.P. Gupta     Download Full Paper
    Pages: 84-88
  • 22. Multiband Pentagonal Slot Microstrip Patch Antennas for Mobile Communication

    Author - Mukesh Arora, Abha Sharma     Download Full Paper
    Pages: 89-92
  • 23. RLS Adaptive Algorithm for Smart Antenna

    Author - Nitin Kumar Sharma, C. P. Gupta     Download Full Paper
    Pages: 93-98
  • 24. Design and Fabrication of Parabolic Concentrator Solar Water Distiller

    Author - Aman Vikram, Ankit Swarnkar, Balraj Nirwan, Mahipal Singh, Vikas Palliwal, Manoj Kumar Sain, Sarita Choudhary     Download Full Paper
    Pages: 99-102
  • 25. Design and Fabrication of Single Axis Solar Tracker

    Author - Satya Ketu, Puspendra singh Bhati, Monu Gupta, Praveen saraswat     Download Full Paper
    Pages: 103-107
  • 26. Entropy Generation in Various Thermodynamic Cycles: A Review

    Author - Dinesh Kumar Sharma     Download Full Paper
    Pages: 108-112
  • 27. Reducing Lead Time and Inventory Using Value Stream Mapping and Line Balancing in Garment Industry

    Author - Manoj Kumar Sain     Download Full Paper
    Pages: 113-115
  • 28. Use of S823-Airfoil for a Small Horizontal Axis Wind Mill Blade: Theoretical Design & Analysis

    Author - Rishabh Sharda, Sahil Bansal, Bhoori Singh, Yashovardhan Dobriyal, Manoj Kumar Sain     Download Full Paper
    Pages: 116-121
  • 29. Recent Trends in Internal Combustion Engines

    Author - Ashish Nayyar, Nitin Goyal     Download Full Paper
    Pages: 122-126
  •   Section B: Applied Sciences

  • 30. Formation Constants of Mixed-ligands Complexes of In(III) with Some Amino acids (Glycine, Leucine) and Succinic acid at DME

    Author - Jyoti Singh1 Meena,O. D. Gupta     Download Full Paper
    Pages: 127-129
  • 31. Synthesis and Characterization of Fused Pyrazole Derivatives of Ethoxyphthalimide

    Author - Swati Joshi     Download Full Paper
    Pages: 130-133
  • 32. Biocatalytic Synthesis of Chiral Hydroxyamides Using Bakers Yeast

    Author - Poonam Ojha, P. S. Verma, I. K. Sharma     Download Full Paper
    Pages: 134-136
  • 33. Polarographic study of Tl (I) Complexes of N-Glycylglycine in Water & Aqueous Ethanol Media

    Author - Vinita Sharma,K.D.Gupta     Download Full Paper
    Pages: 137-139
  • 34. Effect of PH on the Absorbance And lmax of the Ligand Nrs (1-Nitroso-2-Naphthol-3,6-Disulphonic Acid)

    Author - Sharda Soni, K.D. Gupta      Download Full Paper
    Pages: 140-142
  • 35. Synthesis and Applications of Boron Carbide Nanomaterials: A Review

    Author - Navid Hussain, Praveen Jain , Archana Saxena      Download Full Paper
    Pages: 143-150
  • 36. Radiation Performance of Semi Elliptical Shaped Microstrip Patch Antenna for Wi – Max Application

    Author - Brajraj Sharma, Vijay Sharma, Komal Sharma, K.B. Sharma and Deepak Bhatnagar4     Download Full Paper
    Pages: 151-153
  • 37. Investigation of Hydrogen Absorption, Electrical and Optical Properties of CeNi5-H Thin Films

    Author - R. K. Jain, P. K. Jain     Download Full Paper
    Pages: 154-156
  • 38. Rectangular Patch Microstrip antenna with U Shaped Slot with Shorted Pin and Walls for WiMax and WLAN Application

    Author - Komal Sharma, Dheeraj Bhardwaj, Brajraj Sharma      Download Full Paper
    Pages: 157-160
  • 39. Structural Relaxation in Se Ge Pb (x= 9, 18) Glassy Alloys Through Different Thermodynamic Parameters 58 42-x x

    Author - Deepika, N. S. Saxena     Download Full Paper
    Pages: 161-166
  • 40. Some New Properties of Generalized Polynomials and H - Function Associated with Feynman Integrals

    Author - Nawal Kishor Jangid      Download Full Paper
    Pages: 167-170
  • 41. A Unified Approach to Fractional Calculus Pertaining to I-Functions

    Author - Rohit Mukherjee, Amber Srivastava     Download Full Paper
    Pages: 171-174
  • 42. LRS Bianchi Type II Tilted Stiff Fluid Cosmological Model with Heat Conduction in General Relativity

    Author - Pramila Kumawat      Download Full Paper
    Pages: 175-177
  •   Section C: Humanities And Management

  • 43. Misconceptualizing Human Identity : Utter Confusion of Sectarian Singularity

    Author - Lalit Gehlot      Download Full Paper
    Pages: 178-179
  • 44. Women Empowerment: Myth or Reality

    Author - Nidhi Sharma     Download Full Paper
    Pages: 180-182
  • 45. Trust at Work Place- An Overview

    Author - Ona Ladiwal      Download Full Paper
    Pages: 183-185
  • 46. Social Service Advertising: A Modern Day Promotional Tool for Breaking Through the Clutter

    Author - Atul Gupta      Download Full Paper
    Pages: 186-188