ISSN (Print) 2278-2508
ISSN (Online) 2454-9673
Call For Papers Volume 9 Issue-2, Oct. 2019. Last Date for Paper Submission : Aug. 14, 2019

  Section A: Engineering Disciplines

  • 1. Formal Drift Framework for Higher Pagerank Scores

    Author - Saurabh Ranjan Srivastava, Girdhari Singh      Download Full Paper
    Pages: 1-6
  • 2. MapReduce Computing for Graph Analytics

    Author - Dolly Mittall, Veena Yadav      Download Full Paper
    Pages: 7-10
  • 3. Secure Random Transmission of Text Data using the concept of Steganography and Cryptography: A Study

    Author - Ankita Sharma, Anjana Sangwan      Download Full Paper
    Pages: 11-14
  • 4. AGC Regulator Design for Wind Farms

    Author - Esha Gupta, Akash Saxena      Download Full Paper
    Pages: 15-22
  • 5. A Weighted Least Square Technique: For Assessment of State Estimation of Power System

    Author - Pankaj Tripathi, Jinendra Rahul, Nim Anurag Radhamohan      Download Full Paper
    Pages: 23-27
  • 6. High Figure of Merit for Highly Sensitive Refractive Index Sensor Based on Metal-Insulator-Metal Plasmonic Bragg Grating

    Author - Shikha Gaur, Rukhsar Zafar     Download Full Paper
    Pages: 28-30
  • 7. Fabrication and Characterization of n-Zn,_,A1,(0 /p-Si Heterojunction Nanocrystalline Thin Films

    Author - Ankit Gupta, Namrata Hada, Praveen K. Jain      Download Full Paper
    Pages: 31-35
  • 8. 15 GHz Cavity Filter with Slot Coupling

    Author - Leena Sharma, S.K. Bhatnagar     Download Full Paper
    Pages: 36-40
  • 9. Design and Simulation of Reconfigurable Microstrip Patch Antenna with Frequency Switching

    Author - Dheeraj Sharma, Avinash Kumar Singh,Vinita Agrawal      Download Full Paper
    Pages: 41-44
  • 10. Investigation of Structural and Optical Properties of Zn1-XMgxO thin films

    Author - Namrata Hada, Ankit Gupta, Praveen K. Jain      Download Full Paper
    Pages: 45-49
  • 11. Design, Development and Testing of Convertible Bicycle

    Author - Ajay Dhanopia, Anuj Rathi, Anil Kumar Yadav, Amit Bhardwaj, Ankit Singhal, Ajay Prakash Sain, Amit Mittal      Download Full Paper
    Pages: 50-55
  • 12. Information and Communication Technologies (ICT): A Competitive Strategy for Factories of Future

    Author - Keshav Jakhotia, Sudesh Garg, D. Hariyani     Download Full Paper
    Pages: 56-58
  •   Section B: Applied Sciences

  • 13. Synthesis and Characterization of Fused Imidazole Derivatives of Ethoxyphthalimide

    Author - Swati Joshil, G.L. Talesara      Download Full Paper
    Pages: 59-61
  • 14. Determination of 6-Mercaptopurine in Pharmaceutical Samples as Os(VIII) Complex

    Author - Poonam Ojhal and Rupali Shrivastava     Download Full Paper
    Pages: 62-64
  • 15. First Principle Study: Electronic Structure of (Ga-Al)- Codoped Zinc Oxide

    Author - Praveen K. Jain, R. K. Jain, Mohammad Salim      Download Full Paper
    Pages: 65-67
  • 16. Compact CPW Fed Broadband Planar Antenna with Improved Gain for WLAN & Wi-MAX Application

    Author - Pawan Kumar Jain, Krishan Gopal Jangid,V. S. Kulhar, D. Bhatnagar3      Download Full Paper
    Pages: 68-72
  • 17. Applications of the Fractional Calculus Pertaining to Multivariable H-function

    Author - Vijay Kumar Singhal      Download Full Paper
    Pages: 73-75
  •   Section C: Humanities And Management

  • 18. Unseen Bonds: A Study of Motherhood in Toni Morrisons A Mercy

    Author - Sucharita Sharma      Download Full Paper
    Pages: 76-80
  • 19. Microfinance: A tool to add an economic& social value to Rural India

    Author - Abhilasha Sharma, Mansi Bathla     Download Full Paper
    Pages: 81-84