ISSN (Print) 2278-2508
ISSN (Online) 2454-9673
Call For Papers Volume 9 Issue-2, Oct. 2019. Last Date for Paper Submission : Aug. 14, 2019

  Section A: Engineering Disciplines

  • 1. F 1 Score Analysis of Search Engines (Sense Retrieval Efficiency of Google, Bing & Yahoo for Single Keyword Queries)

    Author - Saurabh Ranjan Srivastava, Girdhari Singh     Download Full Paper
    Pages: 1-6
  • 2. Automatic Recognition of Personality using Emotion based Information on Textual Data

    Author - Kailash Soni, Basant Agarwal, Mukesh Kumar Gupta, Vishnu Goyal      Download Full Paper
    Pages: 7-13
  • 3. Feature Extraction in Hindi Text Summarization

    Author - Gunjan Pareek, Deepa Modi     Download Full Paper
    Pages: 14-19
  • 4. Emerging Technologies in Operation & Control of Future Power Systems

    Author - Dr. S. L. Surana     Download Full Paper
    Pages: 20-24
  • 5. Optimal Sizing and Siting of Capacitors in Radial Distribution System using Power Loss Sensitivity Technique

    Author - Sarfaraz Nawaz , Rida Qureshi     Download Full Paper
    Pages: 25-27
  • 6. Neural Network Design by Taguchi Method

    Author - Akash Saxena,Deepak Saini, Shalini Shekhawat     Download Full Paper
    Pages: 28-33
  • 7. Analysis of Atmospheric Attenuation at Different Weather Conditions for Various Wavelength in FSO

    Author - Pinky Vishwakarma, Jay Prakash Vijay     Download Full Paper
    Pages: 34-37
  • 8. A Novel Video Encryption and Decryption Scheme Based on Discrete Wavelet Transform and Fractional Fourier Transform

    Author - Vanchhit Goyal, Ankit Agarwal, Devesh Mishra     Download Full Paper
    Pages: 38-44
  • 9. Effect of Substrate on Structural and Optical Properties of TiO Thin Film Prepared by Pulsed Laser Deposition

    Author - Praveen K. Jain, R. K. Jain, Mohammad Salim, Davinder Kaur     Download Full Paper
    Pages: 45-47
  • 10. Car of Tomorrow (Car Communication/Identification and Warning System for Safety and Road Rules)

    Author - Yusuf Saleh, Mahmood Abdulhameed     Download Full Paper
    Pages: 48-51
  • 11. Case Study and Redesign of National Highway 65 from Gotiya Village to Salasar (Rajasthan)

    Author - D. K. Sharma, Amar Chand, Neha Shrivastava     Download Full Paper
    Pages: 52-54
  • 12. A Review Paper on Collision Avoidance System for Automobiles

    Author - Matul Kumawat, Mayank Joshi, Mohit Kumar     Download Full Paper
    Pages: 55-57
  • 13. Optimization of Compression Ratio & Fuel Blend for SI Engine Using N-Butanol and Petrol Blends

    Author - Ankit Agarwal, S. L. Soni     Download Full Paper
    Pages: 58-63
  • 14. Design and Development of Hybrid Electrical Folding Bicycle

    Author - Ajay Dhanopia, Alok Mathur, Karan Sirvani, Ayush Goyal     Download Full Paper
    Pages: 64-70
  • 15. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP): Implementation Guidelines & Issues

    Author - Keshav Jakhotia, Sudesh Garg, D. Hariyani     Download Full Paper
    Pages: 71-74
  •   Section B: Applied Sciences

  • 16. ADMP: A Maple Programming Language for Symbolic Computation to Nonlinear Quadratic Riccati Differential Equation

    Author - Sumit Gupta, Vijay Kumar Singhal     Download Full Paper
    Pages: 75-78
  • 17. Dielectric Relaxation Studies of Paracetamol Using X-Band Microwave Bench at Different Temperature

    Author - Chitra Manro, Ritu Jain     Download Full Paper
    Pages: 79-71
  •   Section C: Humanities And Management

  • 18. The Bard of Birds: Robert Adamson's Poetry and Poetics

    Author - Shikha Jhanwar     Download Full Paper
    Pages: 82-84
  • 19. Anjana Appachan's Bahu: A 'New' Bahu

    Author - Krishna D Sharma     Download Full Paper
    Pages: 85-87
  • 20. Estimation of Working Capital on The Basis of Sales and Vice-Versa (A Case Study of IFFCO Ltd.)

    Author - Vikas Shrotriya     Download Full Paper
    Pages: 88-91
  • 21. Food Grains Storage Mechanism (A Case Study of Rajasthan State)

    Author - Arvind Kumar Yadav, Vikas Shrotriya     Download Full Paper
    Pages: 92-94