ISSN (Print) 2278-2508
ISSN (Online) 2454-9673
Call For Papers Volume 9 Issue-2, Oct. 2019. Last Date for Paper Submission : Aug. 14, 2019

  Section A: Engineering Disciplines

  • 1. Analytics of Intelligent Forum

    Author - Manoj Kumar Nama, Mohit Bhatt     Download Full Paper
    Pages: 1-4
  • 2. User Defined Time and Cost Constraints Based Resource Allocation algorithm in Cloud

    Author - Swati Khemka, Mehul Mahrishi     Download Full Paper
    Pages: 5-9
  • 3. Renewable Generated Electricity for Enhancement of Sustainable Livelihoods in Rural India

    Author - Umesh Kumar Rathod, Bharat Modi     Download Full Paper
    Pages: 10-15
  • 4. Impact of Generating Transformer Tap Position on Reactive Power Output of Generator

    Author - Surendra Kumar Khichar, Prateek Kumar Singhal     Download Full Paper
    Pages: 16-24
  • 5. Fabrication of p-n Junction Diode Using Device Fabrication Technology

    Author - Pooja Choudhary, Manju Choudhary     Download Full Paper
    Pages: 25-28
  • 6. BW Enhancement of Slot Antenna with Application of Filter in MS Feed Line

    Author - Akshay Pratap Singh, Ankit Agarwal, Mukesh Arora     Download Full Paper
    Pages: 29-31
  • 7. Gain Enhancement of the CPW Microstrip Antenna using Array

    Author - Poonam Yadav, Monika Mathur     Download Full Paper
    Pages: 32-35
  • 8. Performance Analysis of CNFET Based 7T SRAM Cell Using 32nm Technology at Different Supply Voltages

    Author - Rajendra Kasana, Pooja Choudhary, Vikas Pathak     Download Full Paper
    Pages: 36-39
  • 9. Utilization of Copper Slag in M25 Grade of Concrete

    Author - Deepak Mathur , D. K. Sharma     Download Full Paper
    Pages: 40-42
  • 10. Analysis of RC Frame Structure Using Shear Wall Under Seismic Action for Existing Building

    Author - Ankur Mishra     Download Full Paper
    Pages: 43-47
  • 11. Influence of Polyvinyl Alcohol Fibres on Fresh and Hardened Properties of Self-Compacting Concrete

    Author - Subhan Ahmad , Arshad Umar , Amjad Masood     Download Full Paper
    Pages: 48-52
  • 12. Experimental Investigation on Impact of Bottom Propeller Height on Slurry Erosion Wear of SS-316 Specimen in a Slurry Pot Test Rig

    Author - Vaibhav Gupta, Satish R More, Dhananjay V. Bhatt, Jyoti V Menghani     Download Full Paper
    Pages: 53-58
  • 13. Study of Slurry Erosion Wear Behavior of SS-304 in a Slurry Pot test Rig under different operating parameters

    Author - Gaurav Kumar, Satish R More, Dhananjay V. Bhatt and Jyoti V Menghani     Download Full Paper
    Pages: 58-63
  • 14. Effects of Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) on Performance and Emissions of a Compression Ignition (CI) Engine Fuelled with Diesel

    Author - Sudhir Kumar Pathak, Ashish Nayyar, Chandan Kumar     Download Full Paper
    Pages: 64-69
  • 15. Study the Effect of Sample Holding Arrangement Height on Slurry Erosion Behavior of Brass using Slurry Pot Test Rig Under the Solid-Liquid Slurry

    Author - Anil Kumar, Satish R More, Dhananjay V Bhatt, Jyoti V Menghani     Download Full Paper
    Pages: 70-74
  •   Section B: Applied Sciences

  • 16. On Sequence of Functions Involving I-function

    Author - Nawal Kishor Jangid     Download Full Paper
    Pages: 75-78
  • 17. Analysis of Heat and Mass Transfer on MHD flow of Nanofluid over a Semi Infinite moving Surface with Diffusion Thermo

    Author - Dharmaiah Gurram , K.S. Balamurugan , M. Venkateswarulu     Download Full Paper
    Pages: 79-87
  • 18. T-Slotted Rectangular Microstrip Patch Antenna for WIMAX and WLAN Applications

    Author - Brajraj Sharma , Pawan Kumar Jain , Krishan Gopal Jangid , D. Bhatnagar     Download Full Paper
    Pages: 88-92
  •   Section C: Humanities And Management

  • 19. Analysis of KISAN CREDIT CARD Scheme (A Case Study of Rajasthan)

    Author - Vikas Shrotriya, Arvind Kumar Yadav     Download Full Paper
    Pages: 93-96
  • 20. An Empirical Analysis of Emerging Trends of EServices (A Case Study of Indian Railways)

    Author - Vandana Sachdeva, Jyoti Sharma     Download Full Paper
    Pages: 97-99
  • 21. 21st Century Dimensions in Indian Education System & Teaching Approaches

    Author - Lalit Gehlot     Download Full Paper
    Pages: 100-101