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Volume 10 Issue 2

This issue contains eighteen research papers from different disciplines as approved by the team of editors on the recommendations of reviewers. In Computer Science and Information Technology disciplines five papers covering research in the areas of fraud detection, energy consumption pattern, digital image processing, machine learning and android malware detection techniques have been included. In the Electronics and Communication Engineering section four research articles dealing with triple material double gate (TMDG), MOSFET, photonic crystal, IoT applications and optical logic gates have been included. In the field of Electrical Engineering four papers have been included covering the important aspects of RAMP detection technique, solar cell, voltage stability using SVC and long-haul wind speed prediction. In the Mechanical Engineering section four papers dealing with different aspects of rotary ultrasonic drilling, photovoltaic power plant, latent heat thermal energy storage and CI engine have been included. In the Physics section one paper has been included dealing with Nanocomposite.

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