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Volume 11 Issue 1 Year 2021

In this issue sixteen research papers on diverse topics have been selected.        In Computer Science and Information Technology disciplines one paper based on Gabor and DCT feature extraction using SVM has been presented. In Electrical Engineering section eight papers covering optimization algorithms, metaheuristic algorithms for designing harmonic estimator, mathematical modeling of solar PV system, PV array connection strategy, voltage source inverter with clamper circuit, modeling of electrical spring for voltage power factor, PI controller SVPWM based shunt active power filter and climate change have been included. In Mechanical Engineering section six papers covering packed bed latent thermal energy storage, bio fuel for diesel engine, energy consumption, solar photovoltaic panels, rotary ultrasonic face milling and thermal hydraulic performance have been included.

In the Management section one papers dealing with invasion of technology in education during COVID-19 era has been selected.

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