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Volume 13 Issue 2 Year 2023

The latest release of ‘SKIT Research Journal’ (Volume 13; Issue-2:2023) brings forth a compilation of 19 research articles, symbolizing the progressive spirit of modern scientific exploration. This collection spans various domains, offering profound insights across multiple fields.

Commencing with structural engineering, the issue examines the "Equivalent Static Blast Load Analysis of Structure," along with an impactful contribution to agriculture through the creation of an "Efficient Prediction Model for Detection of Black Spot and Downy Mildew Diseases in Rose Flowers." These studies promise advancements in disease identification and control within horticulture.

The issue also spotlights advancements in transportation and technology, exemplified by "Passenger Authentication and Ticket Verification at Airport using QR Code Scanner," a significant shift in airport security measures. Cybersecurity takes center stage with the comprehensive study of "Image Encryption Techniques: A Review," showcasing the evolution of digital security practices.

The convergence of hardware implementation and signal processing is highlighted in the exploration of the "Hardware Implementation of IIR Digital Narrow Band Stop Filter." Medical progressions find representation in the "Review on Terahertz Technology in Head and Neck Diseases: Advancement & Challenges," shedding light on innovations and challenges in this domain.

Additionally, environmental concerns are addressed through studies on "Arduino Based IoT Mini Weather Station" and "A Smart Trash-bin based on Automatic Recycling and Segregation of Household Waste (STARS-HW)." Thermal engineering discussions cover "Overall Heat Transfer Analysis of Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Using CFD" and "Effect of Coil and Pitch Variation on Thermo-physical Performance of Wire Coil Insert in Tubes."

Advancements in materials science and manufacturing are evident in studies on "Morphological Analysis of Injection Molded PP-Alumina Composites" and "Analysis of process parameter effect on surface roughness and mechanical property during Fused Deposition Modeling on PLA." Sustainability themes are presented in "Parametric Approach for Making a Building Energy Efficient" and "Design and Fabrication of a Portable Vertical Axis Wind Turbine for Sustainable Off-Grid Power Generation."

Literary analysis contributes depth with "The Analysis of Alice Munro’s Themes in her Short Stories." Furthermore, nanotechnology's role in water purification, mathematical explorations, and generalized fractional calculus operators all enrich the journal, underscoring a commendable commitment to expanding knowledge and fostering further research and innovation across disciplines.

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