Title: 21st Century Dimensions in Indian Education System & Teaching Approaches


Lalit Gehlot

Department of English, Swami Keshvanand Institute of Technology, Management & Gramothan Jaipur-302017, (INDIA)

Pages: 100-101


In the classroom
In the digital world it is a must that a student immediately feels the
benefit of the content you are teaching. So, never start with a typical
‘Welcome’ or ‘Here’s what we’re going to learn today’. Instead,
begin your content with headlines and with hooks. Students only
pay attention in classrooms if they see how your content is beneficial
for them and should also feel the pain of missing this benefit of the
lecture. Students want something absolutely super powerful, 100%
attention grabber gold in the form of teaching and that too right

The traditional “chalk and talk” method of teaching, which has
persisted for hundreds of years, is now showing inferior results
when compared with the more modern and revolutionary teaching
methods that are available for use in schools today.
This is the time of Infographics or VAK (Visual, Audio, and
Kinesthetic-- Kinesthetic is feeling the material; BBC is
recommending students to use Prezi software for preparing
presentations rather than using traditional software; web portal of
Pinterest is also recommended to do group task; using one liners
also helps in speeches like ‘Chopsticks are one of the reasons the
Chinese never invented custard.’