Title: Planning a UG Course in Engineering for Outcome-Based Education


Alok Mathur

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Swami Keshvanand Institute of Technology, Management & Gramothan Jaipur-302017, (INDIA)

Pages: 54-59


Outcome-based Education is the latest buzz-word in accreditation parlance. Accreditation is important to bestow an international status on a course. India has adopted the Washington Accord and has established the National Board of Accreditation for accreditation of the programs run by Indian universities and their affiliated institutions. The paper discusses the planning of a UG Course in Engineering and developing the course content in the form of a Course File that comprises the teaching, assessment and evaluation material. A Course File is a record of the desired course outcomes, teaching plan to attain the
desired COs, teaching material, Lesson Outcomes, the assessment methods and exercises for continuous as well as periodic assessment of attainment of Lesson Outcomes and COs, and the mid-term and end-term examinations leading to a final evaluation of the attainment of the COs. A proper course file will not only facilitate conducting the course effectively and efficiently, but will also prove the extent of attainment of the Course Outcomes that is central to the OBE theme and necessary for NBA Accreditation.