Title: Priority Sector Lending Prescriptions by Reserve Bank of India (A Case Study of IDBI Bank Ltd.)


Arvind Kumar Yadav

Vivekananda Global University, Jaipur (INDIA),

Vikas Shrotriya

Department of Management Studies, Swami Keshvanand Institute of Technology, Vivekanand Global University, Jaipur(INDIA)

Pages: 79-84


Priority sector guidelines originated in seventies and  prescribed by RBI to follow the financial institutions. The originally in year 1967-68 of RBI mentioned priority sector detailed guidelines in its Credit Policy. Recently in year 2014-15, these have been revised. Samall scale / MSME, export and agriculture are the sector where commercial banks have been directed to increase their share of advances. Weaker section and needy persons should be beneficiary of the priority sector lending, it remains the always focus area from RBI. The achievement of the sustainable promotion of MSME, agriculture sector and backward area development etc is the major focus areas of priority sector landing.[1] The banks are behind the target of priority sector lending. With this scenario, this study is an attempt to go through the strategic achievement of priority sector lending by IDBI Bank ltd.
Period of study: - FY 2011 to 2013 .