Title: Bbo based algorithm for transmission constrained economic load dispatch problem


Jitendra Singh

Apex Institute of Engineering & Tech. Jaipur (INDIA),

Sunil Goyal

Manipal University. Jaipur (INDIA)

Pages: 24-28


This paper presents an efficient and reliable Biogeography Based Optimization (BBO) algorithm to solve the Economic Load Dispatch problem of thermal power station while satisfying generator and network constraints. Biogeography is the study of the geographical distribution of the  biological organism. Biogeography-based optimization is a relatively new optimization approach. Mathematical models of biogeography explain how a organism arises, migrates from one habitat to another, or gets extinct. In BBO algorithm, solutions are represents as habitats and sharing features between solutions is represented as immigration and emigration. This algorithm searches for the global optimum solution mainly through two steps: Migration and Mutation. Results are obtained on the different-different population size and different-different number of trials and  proposed method has been verified on IEEE 30- bus, 6 generator system. Considering the quality of the solution obtained, this method is one of the prominent approach for solving the Economic  Load Dispatch (ELD) problems under practical conditions.