Title: Poetry in the Time of Global Diversity


Rimika Singhvi

Department of English, The IIS University, Jaipur (INDIA)

Pages: 82-84


To ask why poetry is important is an urgent question concerned with creativity in education. Poetry helps in contextualizing the particular (experience) thereby constituting a crucial point of entry into the study of Humanities. It is the inability to accommodate lived experience that perhaps accounts for the dwindling interest in poetry. My Paper would, therefore, explore whether poetry leads to a macro understanding of Humanities. It would also be pertinent to examine if there is still an openness of ideas and purposes on which the discipline was born and whether there is still an insistence (in poetry) on the primacy of the individual's imagination. Such considerations have a
significant bearing on the relevance of poetry in higher education vis-à-vis research, scholarship and teaching, especially in the wake of increasing corporatization and utilitarianism.