Title: Divine Relationship


Anju Chandra

Departmen of English, India International School, Jaipur (INDIA)

Pages: 98-102


People talk of the dynamics of human relationships in life, like filial, fraternal, marital and social. This paper Divine Relationship is a humble tribute to the great poet laureate, Robert Frost, who had a special affinity with God. From the time of birth to the time of death, we are in the hands of the almighty. It is he who
bestows his blessings on us, illumines our path, make us aware of good and bad, the importance of one over the other. An attempt has been made to cover the intense depth of divine relationship and spiritualism in a few of his poems .

Key Words: , dualism, , , responsibilities, heavenly dwelling, imagination, benevolence and malevolence of Nature, intimacy and God-belief .

Isolation and solitude, dualism, transcendentalist and monist approach, tough realities and hard rationalities, responsibilities, havenly dwelling, imagination, benevolance and malevolence of Nature, intimacy and God-belief