Title: Integration of Conventional & Renewable Energy Resources for Sustainable Growth of Indian Power Sector


S.L. Surana

Department of Electrical Engineering, Swami Keshvanand Institute of Technology, Management and Gramothan, Jaipur-302017 (INDIA)


- Every nation is facing a big challenge in meeting the ever increasing demand of clean electrical energy. This problem is even more severe in the developing nations like India and China. Ever increasing demand and the environmental concerns are forcing them to make their fossil fueled energy systems more efficient, reduce emissions and conserve conventional fuels by making extensive use of renewable energy resources. All these concerns necessarily require that the existing power grid should be extensively modernized with the application of advanced technologies including information and communication technologies, modern measuring devices like phasor measurement units, fast computational techniques etc. so as to reduce energy loss, conserve resources and increase quality of power supply. The modernized grid should allow generating companies to feed clean energy from renewable sources for sustainability. The grid should also be able to accommodate distributed generation in distribution networks. This work is an attempt to investigate new developments needed for sustainable generation and utilization of electrical energy with controlled emissions in Indian scenario.