Title: Invasion of Technology in Education: An Unprecedented Event during COVID 19 Era


Savita Choudhary

Department of Management Studies,Swami Keshvanand Institute of Technology, Management & Gramothan, Jaipur-302017 (INDIA)


India has recently announced its latest education policy, known as NEP- 2020. The country is looking forward to educational developments at a faster rate. No doubt, technology has a great role to play in these developments. But since the sudden announcement of nationwide lock down, there was an unprecedented invasion of technology in almost all spheres of life. Education sector is also one of the sectors which were immediately affected in the lock down. Exams could not be conducted, results could not be declared and teaching was also heavily affected. For some days, no one could understand as to what could be done in order to resume the teaching learning processes. After a few days stand still in education industry, then emerged the unprecedented solution of shifting to online mode from physical mode. The solution was embraced in a real hurry. A number of online platforms were tried and different educational bodies adopted these platforms according to their needs and requirements. There was a sudden invasion of technology in education sector and every one had to adapt to it at a real fast pace. The adaption was fast in higher education and later technology took over the school education as well. Probably, premiere institutions and private universities were first to conduct classes through online mode. These became pioneers in using technology for teaching and learning processes during COVID 19 era. This was followed by almost all educational institutions whether private or others. There was no other way to reach out to students and classes were conducted through virtual mode. No one has thought about this transformation, even in the month of March and in April, the teaching learning process went online. This was the most unexpected event in the education industry in the year 2020. All the stakeholders had to resort to this changed mode of delivery process in teaching and learning. Though, it is believed that it would have taken more time in normal situation but the process got expedited due to the attack of COVID 19 pandemic.