Title: A study of key strategic HR issues in IT and Banking Industry in India


Lavina Khilnani

Taxila Business School, Jaipur (INDIA),

Ankita Luhadia

Chirag Buildcon Pvt.Ltd,Jaipur (INDIA)

Pages: 109-118


The study has emphasized the various dimensions of human resource issues by analysing the data and information qualitatively. The research has specifically focused on the various dimensions such as structure, culture, diversity, HR strategy, HR competencies HR outsourcing. There were 40
interviews taken through open ended questionnaire from 15 companies. For the purpose of extensive work the various hierarchical levels were approached to have the broad perspective on the subject matter concerned. The two major industries were taken for the research, the banking and IT sector. The research has concluded that the management’s clarity over the HR issues and the intensity of HR competencies in combination decides the level and job of HR functions in the organization. Outsourcing of HR activities is quite a lot influenced by the organizational growth which is an outcome of HR culture, HR strategy, and HR competencies. The study has also concluded after the multilevel analysis of the data that there is a positive relation between HR diversity management and the work outcome of the employees.