Title: Experience Internet of Things by the Gateway of Smart Home Spectrum


Devika Soni

ASET, Amity University Uttar Pradesh, Noida (INDIA)


The IOT is the large-scale diversification of internet association connectivity to perpetuity relating the surfeit of physical devices and day to day objects revolving hardware’s, internet connectivity, Arduino coding, WIFI modules, sensors, monitoring and control system, etc. Internet sets out as a means for communication for these devices and volleyed accordingly.  The project is riveted on the automatic lightening system with the “ON” and “OFF” of lights spectrum , with the sensors (PIR) that detects the human existence in the domestic and delivers information about  the number of   folks in the room  , moreover the user can choose the intensity of the light  itself , also the database is created for the same . Also! If the human leave. On barging past consciously, it’ll   be taken care of to switch off the lights. The main aim is to create awareness for the user to keep in account the usage and consumption of energy. To lay emphasize on the LED bulbs in smart home automation. Embracing the latest era of connectivity in the realm of technology.