Title: Extremely Wideband Semi Elliptical Antenna for 5G Application


Vijay Sharma

Govt. Mahila Engineering College Ajmer,

NL Gupta

Govt. College, Dungarpur, Rajasthan (314001), India,

Atul K Agarwal

Department of Physics, Govt. College, Nasirabad, Ajmer, Rajasthan (305601), India,

Brajraj Sharma

Department of Physics, Swami Keshvanand Institute of Technology, Management & Gramothan, Jaipur, India


In this article, the design evolution and analysis of a slotted ground semi-elliptical patch antenna are presented that offers extremely wide bandwidth from 10.5GHz to 40.0GHz and more. In the design of this antenna, a semi-elliptical patch is fed by a tapered fed line, which is backed by a square-shaped ground plane that is slotted with an elliptical-shaped slot. The designed antenna is compact having an overall dimension of 39.0mm × 39.0mm × 1.59mm and gives a stable radiation pattern. The gain value within the impedance bandwidth region is almost steady and positive. The antenna performance is optimized with CST Microwave Studio 2017. The designed antenna may become a useful candidate for the recent 5G technology as it requires a very high bandwidth with sustained gain to transmit the data at a high speed.