Title: UltraVoilet Assisted Sanitization for COVID infections using Robotic Platform


Sudesh Garg


Chandra Mohan Kumar


Dr. Prem Singh


vinay Singh Marwal


Pages: 5-9



In the year 2020, we all experienced COVID pandemic which had affected our lives and health. When one comes into contact with infectious virus such as COVID, SARS etc., it makes us sick. Most of the time hands are contaminated with infectious viruses through touch and contact. To keep away from contamination, hands ought to be washed or cleaned consistently, as per WHO rules. Therefore, in this paper, an attempt has been made in this direction to create such a robotic platform that will do the work of sanitization on its own without human interaction with the help of UV light and also represent the design and development of a smart sanitising robot, which has been studied with the help of the process of sanitization, which can reduce the risk of human exposure to the virus. This is an open platform for disinfecting single plant conditions like workplaces, houses, and offices, among others.