Title: Effect of Power Law Index Variation on Eigen Frequency of Functionally Graded Piezoelectric Round Disc



SKIT Jaiur

Pages: 10-12



Piezoelectric functionally graded hollow disc are highly used materials. It is used in making smart devices like car hinges, drone, micro electro mechanical devices. Shear induced eigen frequency is very less utilized because it has very difficulty to alalysis. For utlize the application of functionally graded piezoelectric materials in this work shear vibration of the functionally graded disc has been obtaining by producing d15 effect. d15 has higher coupling coefficient than d33 and d31 coupling coefficient so it can be utilizing to exited shear vibrations in the hollow FGPM round disc. Effect on eigen frequency of FGPM round disk has been obtained for varing the valuve of power law index. Material property of the functionally graded disc vary along the thickness by helping power law. Disc is radially polarized and electric field is applied along the thickness