Title: FTIR Spectroscopy of Charge Transfer Complexes of Galvinoxyl


Salman Zabha

Department of Physics Navjivan Science College, Dahod-389151 (INDIA),

Vishal R Jain

Shri Govind Guru University, Godhra-389001 (INDIA),

Dhaval Khant

Department of Physics Navjivan Science College, Dahod-389151 (INDIA)


The FTIR spectra of galvinoxyl charge transfer complexes with organic acceptors, such as TCNQ, TCNE, DDQ, chloranil, and iodine, were examined in the current work. This study was carried out between 400 cm-1 and 4000 cm-1, which is the mid-IR range. The existence of hopping conduction in these CT complexes is suggested by a half-power beta density in absorption above 1600 cm-1. Investigating the nature of the transition below 1600 cm-1 reveals a 0.02–0.05 eV narrow bandgap. This small bandgap is connected to the CDW or SDW pinning gap. Significant band tailing or additional shrinking brought on by electron-electron interaction can both bridge the bandgap. The CT complexes exhibit electrical paramagnetic behaviour at room temperature. Galvinoxyl can prevent its transition to a diamagnetic state at low temperatures due to charge transfer.