Title: A Case Study of Black Spot on Jaipur Kishangarh Section on National Highway - 48 in Rajasthan


Anirudh Mathur

SKIT, Jaipur

Pages: 45-49



In recent past numbers of road accident in our country reportedly increased manifold in term of fatalities and grievously injured. It is, therefore, utmost essential to identify those vulnerable stretches where road accidents are occurred repeatedly and also to examine the main reasons of road accidents thereof.

It is understood that the road accidents are not totally prevented in views of mixed traffic plying in our road networks but can be reduced to certain extant adopting appropriate safety measures and engineering skill. Considering the above, in 2015, a protocol has been notified by Ministry of Road Transport & Highway (MoRT&H), Government of India for identification of road accidents blacks spots and their rectifications. The terms that designating an accident-prone stretch as “Black Spot” based on combined criterion of numbers of fatalities & accidents in past years.    The Case study was carried out on Jaipur Ajmer sections of National Highway No.-48 in Rajasthan at busiest intersections Bhankrota villages which are highly accident-prone area. The main aim of the study to identify the Black Spot in lines with MoRT&H protocol and accordingly the mitigation measures has been proposed ensuring the safety enhancement. The task was achieved by conducting Road Safety Audit (RSA). Based on the study various conclusions along with recommendations are also drawn for reducing the accidents at great extent.