Title: Training Needs Analysis in Contemporary Organizations


Savita Choudhary

Department of Management Studies, Swami Keshvanand Institute of Technology, Management and Gramothan, Jaipur-302017 (INDIA)

Pages: 87-89


Knowledge becomes obsolete if not refurbished. It is a very common phenomenon in the organizations to train the employees. This is done not only with the objective of imparting them the knowledge of newer happenings in their field but also aims at acquisition of latest skills by providing them requisite training. Training should be a planned activity as it consumes considerable amount of organizational resources. Expected outcome of any training programme is enhanced efficiency while performing the task. This gives way to the methods and techniques to be adopted in order to make training more effective. This can be achieved by matching the training needs with training techniques. For example, if office staff is trained for sales, it might not give any result as office staff is not engaged in selling. However, if the sales staff is trained in computer skills, it will be helpful in increasing their work efficiency
as they will be able to give product presentations, send emails to clients, tabulate prospective customer list, generate sales report in excel sheet etc. whether the training will be effective or up to what degrees the training objectives are achieved, depends on training need analysis. Training needs analysis is the process of identification of the requirement of training needed by the employees in order to enhance their efficiency.

Training, Training needs, Training needs analysis, Contemporary organizations