Title: Leadership Development Practices in Organizations-An Overview


Ona Ladiwal

Department of Management Studies, Swami Keshvanand Institute of Technology, Management and Gramothan, Jaipur-302017 (INDIA)

Pages: 90-92


Leadership has been termed as "a process of effect the mind set of people where leader has the ability to influence the thinking process of individual. The political condition of various nations is totally reflected above statement. Same situation is at corporate sector. A personality of an individual can change the total environment of company. This is main reason of different corporate culture exists in different company. Leadership in contemporary era changes its perspective in very different manner. We require style of leadership change from Autocratic leadership to Servant leadership. We have often observed how each of us struggle our own goals with our concerns for other people. The balance is an applicable to mangers from wide ranges of organizations, large and small, profit–motivated and institutional. From bird's eye perspective, we can see what our employees seek and its relationship to what we seek, and formulate a mutually satisfying plan for goal fulfillment. We reach our goals by nurturing the people we lead or manage in a way that helps them reach their own goals. In this Paper we will include the various dimensions of leadership, Servant Leadership and leadership development practices in  Organizations [1].